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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Career

Hello all sorry for being MIA again for the past months.I've been very busy because my girls are back to school and I am back to school :). As you can see I love all make-ups skin care and all beauty products so I decided to take this course Estheticians at The Academy for Salon Professional which I started 2 days ago.I really love my class and today we had so much fun as we got to model for the other  
Cosmetology and Esthetician graduating class.They did our hair and make up and the theme was HARAJUKu so we had this crazy make up and hair done :).
And Also we got our Kit the skin care line are from Dermalogica as they are affiliated with are school, so we got the whole skin care line to take at home. It is not free because it is included in our tuition fees which is quite pricey.
Anyway here are the pictures of my Kit.
 The bag

 The book that explain all the products

Mapping for skin Analysis


Full size Professional Products (they appear smaller in this pict)

Hope you like this post thank you again for reading XOXO Bea